Family Documentary

Welcome to this page, where you will find a collection of family documentation that I gathered while sorting through folders, scrapbooks, and shoe boxes filled with “family history” memorabilia after my mother passed in 2018. (Rose)

As I read through these pieces of our family’s past, I found it fascinating to peek into our family through obituaries, newspaper articles, and the tracing of family trees.

Recognizing Rose’s diligent efforts in uncovering and preserving these fragments of our family history, I made the decision to scan and share them as a contribution to our family legacy, traditions, and treasured memories.

By converting all the paper into a digital format, I hope to ensure their longevity and accessibility, allowing future generations the opportunity to explore and understand their own heritage.

During the compilation process, I tried to arrange the files in a somewhat logical and coherent order. Whenever I could, I tried to include an index to help with navigating the document contents. Each document is organized differently. Hopefully this makes it more interesting to go through all the family history that Rose saved for us.

Other Stuff

Download all the pages that refer to Hueske and Forster families in the Richardton Heritage Centennial Book.