Family Documentary

Behind the buttons below, I present to you a compilation of family documents that I found among the “family history” category of stuff gathered as we sorted through folders, scrap books and shoe boxes.

As I read through these pieces of family history, I found it interesting to peek into our family by reading obituaries, newspaper articles and tracing family trees.

In an effort to preserve and share all that Rose diligently did to find and save these bits and pieces of our family history, I decided to scan and share. It is my contribution to our family legacy, traditions, and cherished memories.

By converting these documents into a digital format, I hope to ensure their longevity and accessibility, allowing future generations to explore and understand their heritage.

During the compilation process, I tried to arrange the files in a logical and coherent manner, facilitating easy navigation and comprehension. Considering the vast timeline covered by these contents, it was challenging to determine the most suitable way to organize the information. Each document is organized differently. Hopefully this makes it more interesting to go through the contents.

Any updates will be noted.